Are Greenworks and Kobalt batteries interchangeable?

In this article, we’ll look into whether Greenworks and Kobalt batteries are interchangeable, what you need to remember when switching from one type of battery to the other in order to avoid any issues, and how much these two brands cost. This article helps clear up the confusion between the two by exploring their similarities and differences as well as giving reviews of each battery to help determine which one might be more suited for your needs. 

Is Greenworks and Kobalt the same company?

When it comes to batteries, it can be tricky to figure out which brand is compatible with which tool. But is Greenworks and Kobalt the same company? In a word, no. Although both brands produce high-quality tools and batteries, they are not interchangeable. That means if you have a tool that uses a Greenworks battery, do not try using a Kobalt battery in it – you’ll likely end up with some frustrating results.

Are Greenworks and Kobalt batteries interchangeable? 

It is a common question we get asked, and the answer is unfortunately, no. Greenworks and Kobalt batteries are not interchangeable. The reason for this is that the batteries are not the same size or shape, and they use different connectors. If you have a Greenworks battery, you will need to use a Greenworks charger. If you have a Kobalt battery, you will need to use a Kobalt charger.

 Greenworks and Kobalt batteries

Do other batteries work with Greenworks?

Other batteries will not work with Greenworks tools. Here’s a breakdown of each brand and their specific battery types:Greenworks. Greenworks uses a proprietary battery system that is not compatible with any other brand or type of battery.

What batteries work with Greenworks?

Greenworks offers two main types of batteries: lithium-ion and lead-acid. Lithium-ion batteries are the more popular option because they’re lighter weight and have a longer run time. Lead-acid batteries are less expensive, but they’re also heavier and have a shorter run time.

Here are some of the most popular Greenworks batteries :

  • Lithium-ion batteries: These batteries are compatible with all Greenworks cordless tools, including drills, impact drivers, and saws.
  • Lead-acid batteries: These batteries are only compatible with Greenworks cordless mowers.

Are Kobalt batteries interchangeable with other brands?

As far as I can tell, Kobalt batteries are not interchangeable with other brands. I have a Kobalt drill and when I tried to use a different brand of battery, it didn’t fit. I’m not sure if there are any other brands that would fit, but I would imagine that Kobalt has designed their batteries to be specific to their own tools.

Do Kobalt batteries work with Greenworks tools?

As of right now, Kobalt does not offer a battery that is compatible with Greenworks tools. However, this could change in the future as both companies continue to develop new products. If you’re looking for a battery-powered tool, it’s best to check with both companies to see what options are available.

Do Greenworks batteries work with Kobalt tools?

As of right now, it does not appear that Greenworks batteries are compatible with Kobalt tools. This may be subject to change in the future, but for now it seems that you would need to use Kobalt tools with Kobalt batteries, or Greenworks tools with Greenworks batteries.

Are all Kobalt 80v batteries interchangeable?

The answer, unfortunately, is that not all Kobalt 80v batteries are interchangeable. Kobalt 80v batteries are a type of lithium ion battery. Some people believe that all Kobalt v batteries are interchangeable, but this is not the case. Only certain models of Kobalt 80v batteries are compatible with each other. So if you want toswitch to green power, be sure to check the compatibility of your battery before making a purchase.

Kobalt battery

Are all Greenworks 80v batteries interchangeable?

As far as I can tell, all Greenworks 80v batteries are not interchangeable. Each battery is designed for a specific Greenworks tool.

Are Kobalt 40v and 80v batteries interchangeable?

Kobalt 40v and 80v batteries are not interchangeable. The 40v battery is for use with Kobalt 40v tools, and the 80v battery is for use with Kobalt 80v tools.

Are Greenworks 60v and 80v batteries interchangeable?

Greenworks 60v and 80v batteries are interchangeable. You can use either battery in either device, and they will both work just fine. The only difference is that the 80v battery will provide more power and run time than the 60v battery.

Is Greenworks 80 volt battery the same as Kobalt 80 volt battery?

Greenworks and Kobalt 80 volt batteries are not the same. Greenworks is a subsidiary of Lowe’s, and their products are not available at Kobalt retailers. In addition, Kobalt’s 80 volt battery is made by A123 Systems, while Greenworks’ 80 volt battery is made by Johnson Controls.

As you may know, Greenworks and Kobalt are both owned by Lowe’s. And while they may be siblings, they’re not the same when it comes to batteries. In fact, they’re quite different.

The Greenworks 80 volt battery is a lithium ion battery, while the Kobalt 80 volt battery is a lead acid battery. This means that the Greenworks battery will last longer and charge faster than the Kobalt battery. The Greenworks battery is also lighter and more compact, making it easier to use and carry around.

How to use Greenworks batteries in Kobalt tools?

Here’s a quick guide to help you use Greenworks batteries in your Kobalt tool:1. Make sure your Kobalt tool is properly charged and ready to go.2. Remove the battery from your Greenworks tool and insert it into your Kobalt tool.3. Turn on the power to your Kobalt tool and wait for the battery indicator light to turn off.

greenworks battery and kobalt tool

How to use Kobalt batteries in Greenworks tools?

Here are two steps for using Kobalt batteries in Greenworks tools:1) Charge the battery: Before using the battery in your tool, make sure to charge it first. You can do this by connecting the battery to the charger that came with it or using a compatible USB cord. The charging process will take a few hours, so be patient. 2) Load the tool: Before you start using the tool, make sure that the battery is loaded properly. This means inserting it into the tool and making sure that the red Safety Lock is off.


Although both Greenworks and Kobalt batteries are made with lithium-ion technology, they are not interchangeable. Greenworks batteries are only compatible with Greenworks tools, while Kobalt batteries are only compatible with Kobalt tools.