Airtag Battery Replacement: The Best Options And The Cost To Replace

Airtag batteries are one of the most commonly used batteries in many devices. They provide power to devices when they’re not being used and can be easily replaced. However, it can be difficult to know which battery to replace as different companies make their products with different specifications. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of the best airtag battery replacement options and the cost to replace them.

How does a Airtag Battery work?

How does a Airtag Battery work?

An airtag battery (also known as an Airtag battery) is a type of battery that is designed to power your device while it is in the air. It works by using electricity from your device’s battery to create a vacuum to hold the device in place, preventing it from falling out.

Press down and turn counterclockwise on the back of AirTag until the cover doesn’t rotate anymore. Remove the back cover and the battery.

Once you have the AirTag in hand again, replace the battery following the instructions above.

You don’t need to set up the AirTag again after changing the battery. All previous configurations are saved.

While Apple hasn’t provided exact details about the range of an AirTag, they know that AirTags work within Apple’s Find My range. So as long as your AirTag is within Bluetooth range of an iOS device, it can communicate passively with that device, so you can locate your AirTag.

The common symptoms of a failing Airtag Battery

When it comes to airtag batteries, there are a few key symptoms that you should always keep in mind. First and foremost, a failing airtag battery can often result in uncontrolled power usage and poor performance. Additionally, a faulty airtag battery may also cause notices to be displayed on your car’s dashboard or provide warning sounds when the battery is low.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to take action quickly and replace your Airtag Battery as soon as possible.

Apple has also released a firmware update for Airtags to fix the issue of Airtag sound playing unnecessarily. So, when nothing else works, you can permanently fix this issue only by updating your Airtag to the latest firmware.

Now, your Airtag will not beep even when you’re moving with it. But, keep in mind, this feature is for your item’s security, and turning off the feature may let others track you without you knowing.

There can be many reasons why your Airtags keep beeping even when you’re not moving or tracking any item. Some of these reasons could be you’ve left its “Play Sound” feature on, or the safety alerts are on. Here they will tell ways to fix these problems.

The signs that the Airtag Battery needs replacement

The airtag battery in your car is a crucial component that needs to be replaced if it is not working properly.

Each Apple AirTag comes with an integrated battery that should last for about a full year before needing replacement.

To replace the battery, unscrew the silver cap from the AirTag, swap batteries, and screw the cap back in place.

Replacing an AirTag battery is an easy procedure, thanks to Apple’s decision to go with the CR2032 coin battery. Here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to replacing the battery, that’s equally as easy to do. There is a removable cover used to protect the battery and hold it in place. Furthermore, there are no specialized tools needed. Instead, the user simply rotates the cover until it comes loose, and then takes out the old battery before adding the new CR2032 battery and securing it with the AirTag cover once again.

All in all, the AirTag is designed to last a long time and the use of a CR2032 makes replacing the battery a quick and easy process when the times comes.

How to check is your Airtag Battery still under warranty?

Airtag batteries are a necessary part of the air travel experience. They provide power to your air-travel devices, like your Phone and laptop, and can prevent you from getting stranded on the road. But how do you know if your airtag battery is still under warranty? There are a few simple things you can do to check if your airtag battery is still under warranty. First, look at the tag on your battery. If it has any physical or digital changes, then it may not be original and may have been replaced by a different manufacturer.

  • check the product’s literature to see if there is a warranty information available. If so, reading it may help you determine whether the battery is still covered by warranty.
  • consult with an Airtraq representative to find out more about our products and their warranties.

The notifications may display the words “Unknown Device Detected,” “Unknown Accessory Detected,” “Unknown AirTag Detected,” “Item Detected Near You,” “AirTag Found Moving With You” or something similar. They will also display a map of your general area to show how the device has been moving along with you.

Later this year, Apple will roll out an update to the Precision Finding for iPhone 11 and later devices. This will use those phones’ UltraWideBand chips to display on the screen how far you are from the AirTag and in which direction it is — a feature that at the moment works only with AirTags legitimately paired with your iPhone.

How to repair Airtag Battery?

If your Airtag battery is going out, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it. If you have an international flight or rental, you may want to replace the airtag battery with a new one. If you don’t have an international flight or rental, then simply check the Airtag battery health indicator and see if it’s low.

If your AirTag is new, remove the wrap around the product and pull out the tab to activate the battery. Your AirTag will play a sound.

With AirTag, you can keep track of everyday items like your keys or a backpack. Learn how to set up your AirTag with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

When the sound finishes, repeat the process four more times, removing and replacing the battery, then pressing down on the battery until you hear a sound. You should hear a sound each time you press on the battery, for a total of five sounds. The fifth sound is different from the previous four.

This indicates that the AirTag is now ready to pair.

Press down on the battery until you hear a sound. This sound means that the battery is connected.

Airtag Battery Replacement

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You can be sure that Apple won’t wait until the last moment to give you a low battery notification. But the reason Apple can only give a rough estimate that an AirTag battery will last a year is that it depends on usage.

So whenever your trip is, you’ll see “Replace AirTag battery” and can make an informed decision about whether you’re close to the 12 months or not.

And the time you’re going be using it is when you’ve lost something. So here’s a suggestion for how to maximize the battery life in your AirTag before you have to replace it.

What’s the cost to replace a Airtag Battery?

Replacing an airtag battery can be a relatively expensive endeavor. In some cases, it may cost as much as $30 to replace a single airtag battery.

You can now remove the metal lid. When you do, you’ll find the tracker’s CR2032 battery. Flip the AirTag upside down to remove the battery. Now, place your new coin battery into the slot with the positive side facing up. You should be able to read any engraved text on the CR2032 when it’s installed properly.

With a new battery in hand, it’s time to change out the dead one in your AirTag.

Start by holding your AirTag with the white plastic side down and the metal case with the Apple logo facing up. Next, place two fingers on the metal side, press down (while applying pressure from the plastic half), and rotate counter-clockwise.

3 Best Airtag Battery Replacement Options

If you have an airtag battery, it’s important to have it replaced as often as possible. Here are three of the best airtag battery replacement options to consider.

The best Black Friday AirTag case deals and more are now starting to land in their master AirTag case roundup. While overall sentiment has been somewhat lukewarm in some circles for the official Apple offerings (mostly a price thing it would appear), there’s no denying how important it’s going to be for some folks to ensure their slippery little Apple trackers are safe and secure. Dropping one in the bottom of your wallet or bag will certainly do the trick, but it’s also a less-than-elegant way to carry your latest Apple gear.

The price of some of the AirTag straps, covers, and keychains can exceed that of the actual item tracker, so they have rounded up some options across all price ranges to give folks an idea of what’s out there and how to best make use of their AirTag accessory budget.

Where to buy Airtag Battery?

If you’re looking for an affordable airtag battery, look no further than You’ll find a variety of airtag batteries at a fraction of the cost of buying one from a retailer.

The alignment of the coating in relation to the battery contacts is at issue, so to ensure the battery will work, AirTag users should buy replacement CR2032 batteries that do not have any kind of coating.

CR2032 batteries with bitterant coatings might not work with AirTag or other battery-powered products, depending on the alignment of the coating in relation to the battery contacts.

The battery in the AirTag is accessible by pressing and twisting the accessory open, which the ACCC believes is simple enough for children to figure out. In addition to avoiding batteries with coatings, AirTag users should also make an effort to keep them away from kids.

Airtag Battery FAQs

AirTags are battery-powered. As a result, they can last for only a limited period of time. The durability of each tag will depend on the charge and type of battery used in the accessory. However, Apple estimates that each AirTag battery should last about a year before the user needs to change it.

There is no way to connect android devices and the apple AirTag. Presently, only iOS devices are listed as being compatible with this accessory. So, if you use an android device, you’ll have to find an alternative accessory.

Let us discuss how you can check the AirTag battery level, the type of battery to use, and how to replace the AirTag battery.

Apple AirTags are battery-powered tracker devices for iPhone users. It will stop working once you remove the battery. So, no, the AirTag cannot work without a battery.

Once you have removed the AirTag battery, take the new one and put it on the AirTag.

Now that you have a warning on your iPhone about the low battery on AirTag, you might be thinking about what to do. Here is what you will do – Replace your AirTag battery. So, how do you do it? Below is a step-by-step guide to help you replace the low battery on Apple AirTag.

Can I replace my Airtag Battery myself?

If you own an Airtag, then you know that it can be a pain to replace the battery yourself. But if you’re ever in doubt about whether or not you can replace the battery on your own, there’s this nifty little tool that can help. called a voltmeter, it will tell you how much power is left in the airtag battery and, as a result, whether or not it’s possible toreplace it yourself.

Thanks to the Find My app, it’s pretty easy to keep track of AirTag’s battery and find out how long it may last. And if you find the standard CR2032 battery running low on power or about to die, you can replace it with ease. You can buy the 3-Volt lithium coin cell batteries from any drugstore or big-box retailer.

Though the battery icon doesn’t show a specific percentage, it does give you a fair idea about how much battery is left. As it’s pretty similar to the battery icon on the iPhone, you can know when the AirTag’s battery life is over and you need to buy a new one.

Can I repair my Airtag Battery?

Do you have an Airtag Battery? If not, it may be time to replace it. Your airtag battery stores information about your current use and location of the car, which can be helpful if there is a problem. If your airtag battery stops powering or keeps going out, it’s time to replace it.

Pick your Airtag and Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag and rotate counterclockwise until the surface stops turning.

While it was rumored for a long time, Apple finally launched the AirTag in 2021. This is Apple’s own foray into the item tracker market, and it’s a direct competitor for brands like Tile, Chipolo, and more. But what makes AirTag stand out from the crowd are features like Precision Finding, which uses Apple’s U1 Ultra Wideband chip inside, and how it utilizes the entire Find My network to help you track your lost items.

Each AirTag is roughly disc-shaped and a mere 1.26 inches (31.9 mm) in diameter. When ordered from Apple, each AirTag’s white plastic housing can be personalized with a variety of initials or emoji. The battery cover consists of precision-etched and polished stainless steel and contains a prominent Apple logo.

Ingress protection (water and dust): Rated IP67 (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes) under IEC standard 60529.

How long does a Airtag Battery last?

The average airtag battery will last around 10-12 months. However, there is no sure way to know how long your airtag battery will last. It is important to always use the battery regularly for peace of mind and to ensure that your device continues working properly.

An AirTag runs on a lithium battery that can’t be recharged. Here’s how to check the current battery level and replace the battery when needed.

Yes, you can. No special tools or skills are required. Simply press and twist the metal front of the AirTag counterclockwise while keeping the plastic back stationary and then lift. It’s a similar motion to opening a child-proof cap on a medication bottle. The battery is housed between the two pieces, simply remove it and replace it with a fresh one.

The AirTag uses a CR2032 battery. This is not a special proprietary battery; it’s an ordinary 3-Volt lithium coin cell battery that you can buy at any drugstore. You’d commonly find this inexpensive battery powering wristwatches, car key fobs, calculators, and other small electronics.

How often should the Airtag Battery be replaced?

Airtag batteries are often replaced, but it’s important to keep your battery in good condition by regularly checking it. Airtag batteries have a days-on-the-grid indicator that tells you when they need to be replaced.

Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag and rotate counterclockwise until the cover stops rotating.

I guess this topic is coming up now because batteries from the initial sale of AirTags are beginning to show a low battery indicator. That’s happened to one of the 4 that I bought.

The Energizer battery worked like a charm and I heard the lovely chime when I closed up the case.

I just checked on a Macintosh; Find My did show a battery indicator for an AirTag. (I also checked on an iPad and could not find a battery indicator. I would so have liked to tell you how to get it on an iOS device.

Is It possible to make the Airtag Battery Last Longer?

There is a great deal of debate surrounding the longevity of airtag batteries, but some experts believe that it is possible to make them last longer. If you are looking to buy an airtag battery, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • make sure that the battery is compatible with your device.
  • make sure that the airtag battery has a long life.
  • be sure to charge the battery regularly.
  • be careful when using the battery – do not overcharge or overuse it.

Each Apple AirTag comes with an integrated battery that should last for about a full year before needing replacement.

And you shouldn’t be caught off-guard; your iPhone will warn you with notifications when the battery runs low, and the Find My app displays the battery level on the Items tab whenever the level gets low enough that you should replace the battery.

To replace the battery, unscrew the silver cap from the AirTag, swap batteries, and screw the cap back in place.

Insert a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery (available at most electronic and drug stores) with the positive side facing up. You’ll hear a sound indicating that the battery is connected.

Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag and rotate counterclockwise until the cover stops rotating.

Replace the cover, making sure that the three tabs on the cover align with the three slots on the AirTag.

What other alternative exists besides repairing Or replacing Airtag Battery?

The airtag battery is a common tool used by drivers to track their vehicles. Many people are unaware of the fact that there are other alternatives to repairing or replacing the airtag battery. These alternative options include purchasing a new airtag battery, using an electrician to fix the airtag battery, or finding a mechanic who can replace the airtag battery for you.

Replacing the battery is not that complicated. This guide will give you a detailed step-by-step process how you replace AirTag Battery.

Replacing AirTag battery is pocket friendly. A pack of 6 CR2032 coin cell battery cost something between $8-&10. And considering you only replace the batteries after one year it makes the deal even more enticing.

A new AirTag come with a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that last for more than an year. Therefore it is not necessary to charge the AirTag device. Besides, it does not need a lot of power to operate.  If the battery is not working, you will need to replace the batteries.

The End

Airtag battery replacement is an important task that should be done on a regular basis. There are several options to choose from when it comes to Airtag battery replacement, and the cost can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. When it comes to choosing the right option, it is important to make sure that the one chosen is reliable and has a long lifespan.