3 Best Asus Laptop Battery Replacement Options and Warnings

If your Asus laptop battery is dying quickly, it’s probably time to replace it. There are a few great options available, and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start swapping batteries. Some models require special tools and other procedures that could end up costing you more than just the new battery itself. 

Can you replace a Asus Laptop Battery?

Can you replace a Asus Laptop Battery?

A lot of people are asking if they can replace their Asus laptop battery. Here is an answer that may help. Replacing a laptop battery is not as difficult as it seems. In most cases, you will need to take apart the laptop and remove the battery. There are many different types of batteries, so choosing the right one for your laptop is a critical part of the process.

If your laptop has a user-serviceable battery — that is, one you can remove on your own — you can replace your battery fairly easily. If your laptop doesn’t have a user-serviceable battery, you’ll need to contact the laptop’s manufacturer so they can crack your laptop open and change its battery for you.

Assuming you have a user-serviceable battery, you can order a replacement battery for your laptop model online. Don’t just head to eBay and buy the cheapest third-party batteries available — buy official batteries from a reputable company. Aftermarket batteries are often built on the cheap, with cut corners and insufficient testing. They can be dangerous — a cheap, counterfeit, and improperly designed battery could literally go up in flames.

How to choose the best Asus Laptop Battery replacement?

If you own an Asus laptop and are looking for battery replacement, it is important to keep in mind the best way to do so. Here are a few tips:

  1. Know your laptop’s specific battery type.This will help you know how to replace the battery if it becomes necessary. For example, if your Asus laptop has a standard lithium ion battery, then you will need to replace it with a lithium ion battery replacement. If your laptop has an original notebook-style battery, then you will need to replace that too. Knowing this information can save you time and hassle when replacing batteries on your Asus laptops.
  2. Consider what other devices use the same type of battery as your Asus laptop’s battery. Asus laptop batteries typically cost $25 to $12
  3. Battery replacements range from $55 to $125, whereas an old battery costs $25 to $6
  4. A replacement laptop battery can cost around $30 to $120 if it’s Dell. New batteries cost up to $120 while old versions cost up to $3
  5. Dell laptop contains a lithium-ion battery, which provides the best long-lasting charge for about two years.

With this brand, you can choose from a large variety of laptops with different batteries. In general, the life of ASUS laptops is 8 to 10 hours.

When you buy a replacement battery for your laptop, you need to consider several factors, including price, warranty, compatibility, and capacity.

Asus Laptop Battery replacement: 3 top picks

Asus Laptop Battery replacement: 3 top picks

If you’re looking for a good, reliable laptop battery, Asus has some great options to choose from. Here are three of our favorites.

Replacement laptop netbook battery for Asus A31-K53 A32-K53 A32-K53S A41-K53 A42-K53 A43EI241SV-SL 07G016H31875 07G016HG1875 07G016HK1875 90-N3V3B1000Y 10.8 5200mAh 265x50x21mm 312.0g.

Replacement For Laptop Model : A43 Series A53 Series X43 Series A43BY k43 Series K53 Series X44 Series X54 Series X84 Series A43E A43F A43J A53B A53E A53S X43S X43SJ K43E K43S K43U K53BY K53E K53S K53SJ x44C X44H X54F X54H X54HB X84C X84H X84HO etc.

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At some point in your laptop’s life, the battery is going to get worse and worse until it doesn’t work anymore. This week on the Tom’s Guide forums, one user asked for help in finding the best battery replacement when that dreaded day comes.

Lastly, if you suspect that your battery isn’t going to last you that long, I suggest buying a replacement as soon as you get a new laptop. This way, you won’t have to scramble once it’s time to make the swap.

How much does it cost to replace Asus Laptop Battery?

How much does it cost to replace Asus Laptop Battery?

While the cost of replacing an Asus laptop battery is likely to be a little bit higher than a similarly-priced battery from another brand, it is still a relatively affordable option when compared to other laptop batteries. Replacing an Asus laptop battery will usually require just a few simple steps and some basic knowledge about electric shock protection devices.

This revolutionary Taiwanese brand has a wide variety of laptops with various batteries. One battery is the 6-cell lithium-ion Dantona Battery that costs $62.99 to choose ASUS laptops and DENAQ Lithium-ion Battery $62.99, while the 4-cell battery costs $24.99 to DENAQ Lithium-ion Battery.

The total lifetime for ASUS laptops is 8-10 hours.

The initial batteries usually cost twice as much as a generic setup because laptop manufacturers regard these replacement parts more as cash machines.

The battery cycles can be wasted as they connect when using a laptop as the main desktop PC. Once the battery is connected to an AC outlet, the battery does not need it. It will prolong the life of your current batteries by popping the battery out. When you want to go out, you can easily replace the charger.

What if Asus Laptop Battery replacement not working?

What if Asus Laptop Battery replacement not working?

If you have an Asus laptop battery and it is not working, there are a few possibilities that could be affecting your laptop. One possibility is that the battery has gone bad. Another possibility is that the battery has been damaged and needs to be replaced. If one of these possibilities applies to you, then it is important to know what to do if your Asus laptop battery replacement not working.

This will allow for over 2000 discharges before you hit the 70% battery life mark.

This wikiHow teaches you how to restore some life to a laptop computer battery. While you can do a few things to boost your battery’s lifespan, computer batteries must be replaced every 2 to 3 years for optimal performance. Also keep in mind that if your laptop has a lithium battery, freezing it or repeatedly discharging it completely will damage the battery further.

Sometimes, the outdated or missing battery driver is also responsible for the ASUS laptop plugged in not charging issue. To troubleshoot it, you can try reinstalling the battery. Here’s how to do that.

After you update battery drivers, you can see if the ASUS battery not charging is fixed or not.

Asus Laptop Battery FAQs

Asus Laptop Battery FAQs {random-only}

Is it easy to know when to replace the Asus Laptop Battery?

Asus laptop batteries are known for lasting a long time and being easy to replace. However, some people might not know when it is time to replace their battery. If you notice your laptop battery is about to give out, there are a few things you can do to save yourself some time and money.

  • try turning off your laptop and then checking the battery’s level. If it reading low, then it may be time to replace the battery.
  • if you don’t have any tools or know how to do this yourself, see if someone at your work has a Battery Leveling Console. This device will help tell you when the battery is about to die.

No matter how well you treat your laptop’s battery, it will eventually die. If you’re lucky, it will be time to replace your laptop by the time its battery dies. If you’re not, you’ll need to replace the battery.

If your laptop has a user-serviceable battery — that is, one you can remove on your own — you can replace your battery fairly easily. If your laptop doesn’t have a user-serviceable battery, you’ll need to contact the laptop’s manufacturer so they can crack your laptop open and change its battery for you.

What are the 2 ways to see when you need a Asus Laptop Battery replacement?

Asus laptop batteries are one of the most popular laptops on the market. They are known for their durability and long-term performance. However, not all Asus La batteries are created equal. Here are 2 ways to see when you need a new Asus La battery:

  1. By checking the battery’s level in the device’s display: This is one way to tell if the battery is low or full. When it reaches 0%, it needs to be replaced.
  2. By holding down the power button for about 5 seconds and then turning off your laptop: This will also turn off your device and show you the battery’s capacity in percent, as well as any current charges.

Regardless of what your laptop or smartphone is telling you, if your device is still performing normally, you don’t have to change the battery. And even if it’s not holding as much charge as it used to, if it’s still lasting long enough for you, then you don’t have to do anything about it. It’s only when the drop in performance starts to affect you that you really need to get another one..

How often to change Asus Laptop Battery?

Asus laptop batteries tend to wear out over time, so it’s important to change them regularly. You can do this by going to your Asus website and finding the battery specialist that works for your brand and model of Asus laptop.

It is normal for a laptop battery to lose its ability to hold the maximum capacity as it ages. If your laptop can charge the battery, but it doesn’t last long enough or holds 25% or less of its maximum capacity, it should be replaced.

How to check Asus Laptop Battery life?

Asus laptop batteries are known for their long life, but it’s not just the battery that needs to be checked – the charger too. Asus laptop batteries have a 3-year warranty, but many users don’t take advantage of it. The first step is to identify the problem. If your Asus laptop battery is not holding a charge, we can recommend a compatible charger.

The first stop on their battery-life betterment tour is your laptop’s performance management tool. In Windows 10, it’s a slider accessed from the battery icon in the task bar. It aims to group all of the settings that affect battery life into a few easy-to-understand categories.

So, after testing a multitude range of brands and their models they have curated the knowledge in their blog on how long Asus Laptops last, their average lifespan, and what factors do actually affect the laptop battery.

Asus battery can run for approximately 9 hours by laptop plugged in once a day. The laptop’s battery life also varies and depends upon the specs of laptops. Any new laptop with an Asus battery that can stand by 7 to 9 hours.

Good battery timing highlights the quality and value of laptops. Once your Asus laptop has reached the limit of its average life span, you might encounter some technical issues with the operating system and laptop batteries.

How long does Asus Laptop Battery last?

Asus laptops are known for their long life, but many people are still wondering how long they can keep them running. The answer is usually quite a while, depending on the use and settings of the laptop.

For the best results, make several tests and average them together. Doing these calculations provides an excellent basic number for how long your laptop will last under typical use.

Before they start, make sure your power plan configuration is how you want it to run normally. Windows works hard to provide a long-lasting battery at the default settings, but if you’d like to tweak it to your particular usage, you can.

Of course, the simplest way to get a measure of battery life is to time yourself as you use your laptop. Windows’ built-in battery estimate isn’t much help — it’s only a guess, and it will go up and down as you use your machine in different ways.


if you have an Asus laptop battery, it is important to replace it as soon as possible if the battery starts to fail. Here is the best Asus laptop battery replacement options that you can check out: Asus Laptop Battery Cleaning Kit. This kit comes with a all-in-one cleaning tool, detergent, and vacuum cleaner to clean your Asus laptop battery. It is a great option for those who do not want to use any other methods to clean their battery.